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Hello, my name is Pastor Clarence J Johns, I am the Sr. Pastor of Father and Son Ministry (AKA) The Father and Son Love Worship Centre here in Tampa Florida. Last year in mid-November one of our church family members’ Sister Carolyn (seen above with her daughter) was stricken with a terminal, inoperable brain cancer suddenly and aggressively. We spoke healing and prayed over her daily for 30 straight days in Tampa General Hospital for her cancer to be destroyed and her body to be healed. She eventually had three (3) brain surgeries within that 30 days. This lead to a 90% removal of the tumor which was originally classified as inoperable! Even with the successful removal of the overwhelming majority of the tumor, she was not projected to live into the new year of 2014.

As she began the long torturous road to a miraculous recovery through her speech, physical and occupational therapies; we all began to see the power of our prayers being manifested. Her left side of her body had been paralyzed since the first surgery. During the last weeks of her hospitalized physical therapy, she gained motion and movement in both left extremities!! Our prayers of complete recovery were being answered!

After approximately five (5) weeks in hospitalized physical therapy, her insurance demanded she be released to a less expensive Skilled Nursing / Assisted Living Facility.

Within 2 weeks of residing in the Assisted Living Facility, her daughter discovered one night very late that she was being given a particular medication she did not recognize (it was orange)

(She knew every single medication her mother was taking.)

She was never given an explanation of what the erroneous medication was and within 12 hours of that discovery and intervention, Carolyn had a violent seizure from which to this day she has never recovered.

Carolyn was readmitted to the hospital, and several Assisted Living Facilities since then.

Though out this entire ordeal we have watch the treatment, professional care, operational excellence and attention to detail within the assisted Living Facilities attended by Sister Carolyn to be so disheartening and lacking. So her daughter decided to take her home to Colorado.
Sister Carolyn now lives in Colorado Springs with her daughter full time. Albeit very difficult to recognize she has not recovered from the seizure, however, her cancer has not returned!
As Sister Carolyn’s Pastor and friend, i was by her side every step along the way in this journey. I have personally witnessed her treatment, care, trials, ups and downs. I have been to Colorado Springs to visit with her since her relocation there.
That’s what brings us to this particular intersection with you.

In March of this year, I was inspired by The Lord to look into why all the facilities Carolyn attended were so woefully lacking in so many areas. The common denominator in my investigation was uniformly voluminous…..

This experience has deeply affected our ministry family.
From the inception of our ministry our mission has been to teach “The Love Walk” without judgment of others, so the fact our corporate sobriquet is;

‘To Change this World one person at a time”.

We decided to do something!

We have done our research and operational industry diligence, and are opening an Assisted Living Facility of our own in a series of single family residences
(with a maximum of 8 patents per home).
The first being targeted to open September 2014.

We have formed a NON – PROFIT Corporation,
established a board of directors, and have just received our completed 501(c) IRS application. We are currently awaiting approval of that application.

Here is how Sister Carolyn’s experience has inspired us to be different:

We plan to open facilities with a 3/1 ratio max for patient to nurse care & attention. We have a Quality Control plan to ensure all patients never receive the wrong medications. We will not hire the cheapest labor force to enhance profits. We will do thorough background checks and psychological profiles on all employees who will work at our facilities, and pay them a living wage at least 10% above market to ensure LOYALTY and quality care for the patients.

We will have a monitoring system to ensure
medication is dissemination accurately and safely. We have in addition adopted policies to ensure EVERY patient regardless of affliction will be treated like a family member with dignity and respect. OUR PATIENTS AND FACILITY WILL BE KEPT CLEAN AND SANITIZED AT ALL TIMES.

We will have all three (3) therapies available in each home

A) Physical

B) Speech

C) Occupational
* Plus Spiritual counseling if desire by patient or patients family.
We have assembled several individuals prepared to work, serve and volunteer with us on our team who have Assisted Living Facility experience such as;

1.) An administrator with a Bachelor’s Degree in business administration with an emphasis on the health care industry.

2.) A Certified Nurse’s Assistant with many years’ experience in Assisted Living Facilities. This Individual currently works in an Assisted Living facility.

3.) A Licensed Emergency Medical Technician

4.) A project manager with several years of managing a men’s transitional house.

5.) A business person with 25 years of experience.


Our need is structured. We need $55,000 to purchase, renovate and open our first Assisted Living Facility with minimizing any debt service. Our purchase price range on the first property is $95-$125K. This will allow us to use all of our funds prudently, configure any necessary changes to fit our patients and licensure, and pay good wages to our workers, staff and medical professionals. In addition it will allow us to MINIMIZE OUR DEBT SERVICE as to allicate resources to include monthly trips or activities for our patients.

Please consider a generous Tax deductible Donation for this most worthy of causes that will actually change the quality of life for people in our communities.
Below are two pictures of our Sister Carolyn before and after her affliction. We pray that our story of love, courage and faith will inspire you as well…..

‘To Change this World one person at a time”.

Thank you and God Bless you;
Pastor C.J.Johns



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