Free Food Pantry!


Free Food Pantry Open Every Friday from 12pm-3pm est

Delivering food for family a grandmother raising children with no assistance!!!! Not as long as we WE ARE HERE!…..This is the reason why we must support each other and our fellow citizens. Any and all donations and help goes to feed and to help families, the poor, working poor in addition to the Homeless. Join us, help us every contribution helps.

We are providing meats, dairy, produce and more every week! No documentation or applications required! We are solely going off of the honor system. No matter how small or large the family, there is never a need that our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ can’t supply!

Please join me in thanking the Lord for our newest “DELIVERY ANGEL” Gabriella. She’ll be delivering a Love Box from Tampa to Orlando. Thank you so much for your support of our #FreeFoodPantry.

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