Donate to the Free Food Pantry!


Weekly FREE Food Pantry Pledge

Our Father & Son Love Worship Centre FREE FOOD PANTRY has been asked to relocate by our leaseholder. In order to keep up the pace of the exponential growth, our pantry is in need of a new larger location to facilitate our incredible growth. Over the last 20 weeks we have served – fed – or delivered to over 2500 people from Sarasota to Orlando.
We ask you to consider a pledge of a $3.00 – $5.00 weekly donation for 1 year to assist us in relocating our FREE FOOD PANTRY to a new larger location.
(For FSLWC members, this is in addition to your regular tithe & offerings)  
In lieu of that relocation, we have neither the capacity or space to store & distribute donations of clothing as a form of donations. Thank you for any considerations, however, at this time we ask for donations monetary in nature until we have transitioned into a larger capacity facility.
God bless you and thank YOU so much for any support you feel led to offer.
The FSLWC Free Food Pantry Staff.


7 Comments on “Donate to the Free Food Pantry!

  1. On the news, it said that the food pantry was on Foggy Ridge Parkway in Lutz. Could you please clarify? Thanks! Darlene

  2. On the news it said that the food pantry is on Foggy Ridge Parkway in Lutz; could you please clarify where exactly it is? Thanks, Darlene

    • Good afternoon, there is no sign up required. We go by an honor system and your word for need of food is enough. All is required is to show up during the times of operation (Fridays 12-2), tell us how many people in your family that you need food for, and receive. God bless!

  3. I would like to recognize and thank the pastors and volunteers at the pantry for meeting the needs of my family and others.
    Each encounter is greeted in a warm, friendly, and helpful manner. Again, thank you for everything that you do to make this food distribution possible.

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