Kingdom Business Services


We here at FSLM provide various services in our media ministry for various occasions. Asst Pastor CJ Jr is the head over this ministry and has a strong passion to serve others through the anointing of media given to him from Jesus the Christ. We are confident you will be blessed with one of our productions. . .

FSLM Production DVD’s:

What better way to encapsulate important moments in our lives from Weddings to Baptisms, than with your very own custom DVD to cherish and share for generations? Our DVD Deluxe package is one of a kind and is formatted to your personal preferences which will include: screen shots and video from the ceremony, background music, and individual thoughts and comments from friends, loved ones, even from the FSLM family. The home screen will have two menus: one for the actual production, and one for a slide show of all the important moments from the ceremony with music in the background. The timeframe to complete each project is approximately 2 weeks from the ceremony and will be updated as to the process of your DVD. Please take a moment to view a few examples of some DVD’s we have created for some of our members:

                                 Baptism DVD’s             Wedding DVD’s           Testimony DVD’s

Members:                             $300                                 $500                                 $100

Non Member:                       $425                                  $625                                 $175

Website Set-Up:

What makes FSLM different from other companies that offer their services is the anointing of God that has been placed over this ministry and Asst Pastor CJ Jr. We know that it’s God’s blessing that can make any site prosper and that same anointing is transferred to your business as we pray over every site we set up that God may open windows to not only have access to the masses but bless you to continue doing so. We give the Glory and Honor to God FIRST here at FSLM. Social Media has become the norm in reference to marketing your business, charity, organization, etc., however not many people are aware of the steps necessary to setting up their website and linking it to popular culture mediums such as Facebook and Twitter. Instead of going through the hassle of starting your website from scratch, let us tackle that task for you. We will create your own domain name, synchronize all social media with each other, customize colors, templates and theme, and have an up and running user-friendly site in less than a week! We believe in only doing things in the excellence of God and therefore will make sure we always provide the upmost highest level of service by always keeping God in the middle of everything we do!

                          Basic Start Up                Customization       Monthly Update

Members:                        $250 (w/domain)             Price Varies             Price Varies

Non Member:                  $350 (w/domain)             Price Varies             Price Varies


Asst. Pastor Ken’s Sweet Potato Pies & Deserts*

Hot or cold, Holidays or summer, its always a perfect season for one of Pastor Ken’s Sweet Potato Pies! These delectable treats will have you finger licking like fried chicken never could. Whenever you hear a “Ooooo Weeeeee”, you know someone has just delved right in to a delicious slice of heaven! Have the convenience of home made cooking without the burden of time in the kitchen. Give Pastor Ken a call today and see what you have been missing!

*If sweet potato pies are not your forte, there are a variety  of deserts to choose from to select the right sweet for you and your family!

Individual Sizes – $2 ea.

Family Size – $10 ea.


Personal Tax Services: Charlotte Johns-Rich

No longer does the Season of Taxes have to be a dreaded time of year! Thanks to Personal Tax Services, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your tax needs are being attended to with untouchable quality customer service for over 25 years throughout the entire Tampa Bay Area. Delay no longer and call now to see for yourself just how easy your Tax Season should be!


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