The LOVE Ministry

Please feel free to share your testimonies here. We would love to here how God has moved in your life. Sharing how God has delivered you from your trials and tribulations can be motivational and uplifting to those going through the same thing. May God receive the Glory.

Click the links below to view more videos on how GOD is working in others lives. 

Pantomime Dance

Hear how God has impacted the life of this woman of God! Feel free to share with others!!

11 Comments on “Testimonies

  1. Wow what ement of God powerful movement of God Last week!!
    Can’t wait until Sunday!

  2. That was a tough but powerful message this past week but it was meant for someone(s)! Our wonderful Shepherd Pastor CJ Senior has to tell us what God has etched in his heart, mind and soul. Thanks pastor for being my Sheppard and watching and praying over my soul! Looking forward to another anointed message coming to us this coming Sunday!

  3. Sister Debbie

    Very powerful message. It shows the dedication you have for all your people and the world.(one person at a time!)

  4. Found this message while looking through my Facebook today from a Christian believer in Michigan and thought it was a great posting about her Sheppard and it surely positively reminded me of our Sheppard who is a gift from God too:

    If you have GREAT PASTORS, who STAND UP for the TRUTH, PREACHES the BLOOD, LIFTS you up in PRAYER, tells you that you must be SAVED and LIVE a Godly LIFE if you’re going to make it to HEAVEN, Preaches RIGHT from WRONG because they CARE for your SOUL, STAYS up ALL hours of the NIGHT because GOD put YOU on their heart -then copy and paste this, and BRAG on your PASTOR a little bit…THANKS Pastors C.J. Johns and Lisa Johns for doing all the above and more!!!!

    We love you pastor and are praying for you and your family always……………

    • We love you as well!!! We are very humbled and blessed to be used by God to serve and feed the Body of Christ with the Word of God. He has a mighty work in store for us all. This is the foundation of the Love Revolution and we will use the Word of God to share His love, heal broken hearts, reunite families, restore what the enemy has tried to steal kill and destroy, and proclaim the Name of Jesus THE Christ to change this world ONE PERSON AT A TIME!!!! AMEN!!

  5. David,
    I want to thank you for finding this and sharing it on here! Seriously that person is a great person for posting that and knowing that, that is exactly what our Pastor and the Johns family does for us….I STAND UP right next to you and say MY PASTOR ROCKS! thank you for sharing that

    Sister Ashley 🙂

    • Amen Thank You and King David for the Kind words, we really do love our FSLM family with all our hearts. His prophecy of a “new thing” is really coming to past. We start our FSLM Radio Show!!!!!! this saturday November 9Th @ 2:00 pm. on WRXB 1590 AM St. Petersburg, Florida…Praise God we are continuing the journey of “Changing this World…One person @ a time!!”

      Love you all, Pastor

  6. Hello Family!

    I had no idea that this website was here but it looks great and will start watching the services live again.

    I am so happy for the ministry and the great things that are taking place.

    Be Blessed.

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