Pastoral Services

Pastoral Services

Pre-Marital/Marital Counseling:

“When things come up in  our relationship as husband & wife we try to use what we learned from the sessions with Pastor and Sis Lisa in our pre-marital counseling and are quick to ask for forgiveness from each other, talk it out and move on. Our prayer life is now the foundation of our relationship & has brought us closer together.  As our love grows for Christ &  put him first our love is blossoming as well .. I want to thank God for saving for me this precious man, bringing us together & showing us to put him above all … Pastor & Sister Lisa continue their support, love & consistency in our lives.. Praise God for our FSLM Family for constant prayers & love ..”

                                                                                                                                                                                                          –    Jasmine & Moises Cohen

Counseling: $25.oo Suggested Donation per session


When someone decides to make a public confession that Jesus is their Lord and Savior, it’s something that should be celebrated and preserved for a lifetime. No matter what age, its always a glorious day when their name is written in the Book of Life which is why we don’t restrict this service only FSLM members but anyone who God leads us to serve. AS an outward expression of something miraculous that happens on the inside, it encourages others who have not yet experienced the touch and Love of God to take that step and make the most important decision of their life. . . and afterlife. We have all done some things in our past we are not proud of, but God cleanses us from past mistakes and promises us that He will toss our sins as far as the East is from the West. We are not worthy of God’s Grace, and that’s exactly what makes this ceremony so special because He gave us just that along with a second chance at eternal paradise.

Always Free (because John didn’t charge Jesus) 


When God puts a man and woman together, let no thing tear it apart. It is a Holy Union bound by the everlasting love of Jesus The Christ and if kept in the middle, marriage can endure any circumstance because on the other side of the storm is a rainbow and His promises to His children. Today’s society has diluted and diminished the essence of marriage under the false pretense that it is not required for a sustainable and happy relationship, however we firmly believe in sharing God’s truth in all areas of life. God wants us to enjoy a fulfilling life with our spouse and is eager to do so when we practice what He implemented in the beginning of time with Adam and Eve. We are excited when we have the opportunity to serve God in this powerful occasion of the commencement between two people that God may bless for years to come through sickness and health ’til death do they part.

Members: suggested donation $150

Non-Members: suggested donation $250


Anyone that has endured the loss of a friend, family or loved knows that these are some of the toughest times to go through in this journey called life. None of us are ever prepared to lose someone we love and cherish when its time for them to be called home to glory. However, these are the moments when we can all gather under one objective and purpose which is to pay our final respects. We can take a moment to remember the joy, successes, and love shared personally and know that the best way to honor those we lost is through the way we live the rest of our lives. Though the pain may seem unbearable, it’s God’s Word that will comfort us to keep going one day at a time and serve as a constant reminder to enjoy the time with those we love here on earth each and every day because we never know when it is our time…

Members: suggested donation $100

Non-Members: suggested donation $200

Spiritual Coaching:

I can’t even begin to thank Pastor CJ and the Johns family for the one direction in life that made sense….straight to God. Working with Pastor and First Lady Lisa over the past year and a half has been nothing short of a blessing. When my life felt like it was taking a serious nose dive, I saw Pastor for the first time at the place we worked and just lunged towards him because I saw the God in him and His bright light. With me being in the dark, I wanted that light as it was a sign of peace to me. So I reached out for help and got re-introduced to God. From that point on there definitely has been many blessings and some challenges along the way, but that’s the best part because I have the General of Generals in my corner. Pastor and the Johns family are the ones that lead me to Him through the Word and plenty of coaching to keep me in the right direction. They allowed themselves to be used by God to administer to my soul for the betterment of not only me, but my son. What God has done in my life is so amazing and if I had the right words I could type them out, but I’m grateful to God and thank him everyday for the Johns family and their never ending passion for God and their unfailing Love to share with everyone the truth and the Love of God . . .just as Jesus did.
Sis Ashley



Testimonies are powerful ways to encourage, uplift, and strengthen those going through similar situations or scenarios. God uses these victorious stories to let us know that we too can overcome because He is no respecter of persons and will carry us through their our storms as well.  Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the World! If you would like to record your personal testimony of how God carried you through, we would be blessed to capture your own experience to share with friends, family, co-workers etc. Please feel free to comment below and share your powerful testimony! You never know who it could help!!

3 Comments on “Pastoral Services

  1. All I can say is…I have heard many preachers preach the Word, and it is so refreshing to not only hear this powerful man of God, but to also see that he truly walks the walk. His life truly reflects the Word he preaches. He is really a man of God. All you have to do is talk to him and listen to his conviction and passion when he talks about God. He is the “genuine article”, and I don’t say that about very many people.

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