Talent Slam!

Please click on the follow image to view MORE amazing pictures taken from the Talent Slam on our Facebook!! Take a glimpse at the blessed evening God put together:


Father and Son Love Ministries is Blessed to Present:

FSLM TALENT SLAM! May 18 @ 7pm

The categories for the Talent Slam are as follows

 Singing/Rap    Dancing    Poetry

 Acting      Comedy      Music


All who wish to participate are required to submit their name, phone number, category of performance, and brief description of the act they wish to perform in an email to fatherandsonministry@yahoo.com titled “Talent Slam Entry” with contact information. A confirmation email will be sent after submission has been received. Details regarding rehearsals will also be sent via email. Deadline for submission is MAY 15.

An email will be sent out by May 10th with information regarding rehearsal/sound testing for all participants


Applicants are not permitted to perform anything with vulgarity, profanity, or promotion of drugs, sex or violence

Category Winners

The winners for each category will be chosen by majority vote by live audience. The winner for each category will receive a $25 Visa Gift card! If there is only one entry in any category, then that participant will win that category by default. 

Grand Prize Winners

The audience will choose between the six winners of each category for the overall grand prize. The grand prize winner will then receive the $150 Cash prize! There will also be additional media coverage with DVD for the winner!

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