Ministry Services

Ministry Services

Atria Second Services

Our Ministry also serves @ Atria Baypoint. We perform short sermons, give communion and prayer for the residents. We love serving the residents there while spending time, encouraging and often just listening to them. We do not ask for or accept any form of donations or offering from the residents, we are there to serve, pray and share The Love Revolution freely. Your donations will help us continue serving our seniors, community and the lost freely and without monetary considerations. Thank you in advance.

Food Ministry

Our food ministry in addition to our Sunday give away, we also feed the residents weekly at the Tampa Baptist Manor every Wednesday. Again as with all our services they are donated out of LOVE freely.

Food: Major Food Chains

Here at Father and Son Love Ministries we are about giving to all those in need. We have been blessed by a major grocery store to be able to give out to all of our church members or those in the community that are in need of food. We don’t believe in holding blessings to ourselves and want to outreach to as many as we can because we never know who who might be in need of  or a blessing. That is why we as a ministry, deliver this food faithfully every week through our members to be the blessing Jesus called us to be, just as He was to all those that he crossed paths with. Its nothing short of an honor to serve God and give out His Love through the food we are donated along with a smile to share.



Along with the food that we have been blessed with, God has made it possible for us to have furniture donated to all those that would need it. We thank God that the ministry has been given a diverse selection of furniture to give away and He opened up that door for us. No matter if someone has just moved and may not have the means to furnish their new home, or someone simply is just in need of a couch or a table, we are faithful with God’s blessing to help anyone that God may lead to us. Our inventory comprises of love seats,tables, beds, lamps and lamp stands, patio furniture, etc. God says to give and it will be given to you, and FSLM does not give in an expectancy of return, rather we simply Love to bless others because all the Glory goes to the Lord as He is our Jehovah Jierh . . . our Provider.


Clothing: For (Men/Women)

Another area of our Ministry that we have been blessed in, is the ability to give out quality clothing to both men and woman. We have many contributors to this cause with a major designer store being one of the main donators. We are beyond blessed that we are able to give out to those in our church or in the community that need clothing or know someone that could use some clothing. We have given away shirts, shoes, pants, suits, blouses, skirts, sweaters, jackets, fidoras, ties, socks, etc. You name it, we gave it! As the Lord has been such a blessing to us, we want so very much to share with others and this is just another way that we are able to reach out and share the Love that God gives us everyday.

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  1. I would love to donate clothing whenever you are collecting

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