Purification Ceremony November 13, 2011!

We are proud to announce that Father and Son Love Ministries will be holding our first Purification Ceremony this Sunday! Single men and women of all ages will be acknowledging that their body is the Temple of God by dedicating their bodies to the Lord. They desire to experience God’s best regarding relationships and therefore will be taking a stand against the status quo of the world regarding sex before marriage. By committing to refrain from giving their preciousness away before marriage, they will be saying “NO!” to the devil and “YES!” to Jesus! Come witness this incredible movement of God in the lives these single men and women. If God is prompting you to be a part of this movement, join us this Sunday and together we will take back what the enemy has so desperately tried to steal . . . knowledge of who we are in Christ. We offer this invitation not as a condemnation to anyone who may not be in a place to make this commitment. We practice “The Love” walk here at FSLM, we do not judge that we may not be judged ourselves. We love all God’s children and welcome all in LOVE! Amen!

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