May God Bless

Greetings everyone! I pray that your day was an amazing day and that you know you are all favored by our mighty Lord that we were even able to see this day!


Mark 11:24…therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you will receive them, and you WILL have them. When we truly pray, he listens, we just need to remember although it doesn’t show up right away all the time…know he heard you and your pray WILL come to past! Much love and God bless you all!

One Comment on “May God Bless

  1. At a time when we just can not fathom the anguish and pain that the families of those who were killed in Newtown, CT, God touched me. My heart is broken, just as yours has also broken over this tragedy. We are not helpless, we have power. Too many have turned away from prayer. This country has pushed God out. It is time that we take a stand, and ask Him to come back into this nation. Please read this poem, and allow God to minister to your heart.

    these days of innocence lost
    to the exploding rage of few
    the American dream at a cost
    because no ones kneeling at the pew

    what goes on in the mind
    as the dark trap is set
    even more as human kind
    keeps paying the devils debt

    the sounds of terror in the night
    filling the hearts of any
    trying hard to keep up the fight
    while hot embers burn up too many

    parents grieve their children so
    who were once at peace in time
    while terrible evil is set to go
    trying to take out the living vine

    so count the cost of turning away
    from the freedom our fathers once knew
    the new regime is here to stay
    to poison the morning dew.

    God bless the families of Newtown, CT

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