Month: April 2013

Todays prayer

Lord God; we come together to pray for our world. We are so very lost, that it is hard to keep hopeful at times; please bless your true warriors Lord with what they need in this terrible time…NOW, Bless them so they can endure… Continue Reading “Todays prayer”

Evening motivation…

Fslm. the enemy always seems to remember what you used to do and remind you of it. But God doesn’t remember your sins, neither should you. Isa 43:25

What is f.e.a.r

Good evening. Remember, whenever there is fear about something…just know fear is an acronym. F- FALSE E-EVIDENCE A-APPEARING R- REAL. The enemy is desperate and desperate people will do ANYTHING to get you in a situation, a corner, or whatever it maybe. Keeps your… Continue Reading “What is f.e.a.r”