Month: March 2013

Today’s prayer

Dear Lord God, This is such special time of year. People are recovering from winter blues, holiday bills, planning for weddings and looking forward to spring. Father not everyone is joyous, we pray this morning for all those who feel even worse this time of year.… Continue Reading “Today’s prayer”

Today’s prayer

Dear Lord God, Thank you for your favor in our life today. Thank you for waking us up today, and blessing us with health, shelter, employment and most of all YOUR GRACE AND LOVE. We are thirsty. We are thirsty for Your anointing on our… Continue Reading “Today’s prayer”

Good Life Prayer

Lord God, we come together in prayer today renewing our minds and declaring your FAVOUR as your children. We also pray for those seeking awareness of the enemy in his deceptive ways. Father show us now how the enemy always uses someone or something… Continue Reading “Good Life Prayer”