Month: August 2013


God morning Father God, blessed be the name of Jesus for our life this morning and the life of those we love. Father we come this morning in prayer for our fruit. Father your Word says in Galations 5:22 that your fruit of THE SPIRIT… Continue Reading “Prayer”

Daily power prayer

Blessed be name of The Lord God for your life and the lives of all those you love this morning.   Father as you rose us this day from another night, we thank you Father today for our coming out of the darkness of last night into the “Morning.”… Continue Reading “Daily power prayer”

Daily power prayer

Good Morning Father, Father we come together to pray this morning for sleep peace. Father we pray this morning for revelation of the power of “sweet sleep” in The Lord. Father we pray today for you to inculcate us today with the truth of Proverbs… Continue Reading “Daily power prayer”