Daily power prayer

Blessed be name of The Lord God for your life and the lives of all those you love this morning.
Father as you rose us this day from another night, we thank you Father today for our coming out of the darkness of last night into the “Morning.” Father Your Word calls the adversary son of the morning in Isaiah 14. Father we pray for a growth today in each of us to control OUR words, thus, control our thoughts before we sleep, that we may wake up with blessing and gratefulness on our hearts and minds. “Sweet Sleep”. Father we pray today for our thought life to begin to control our “night life”, so we will walk and live in Your “LIGHT.” Father we pray The Blood of Jesus over our lives and all those we love to be protected this weekend from all forms of darkness. Father teach us how to access your grace by faith through controlling our thinking, In Jesus The Christ name we pray…Amen
Provebs 23:7 
For as man thinks in his heart, so is he {or she}.
PS….this IS the origin of “Good Morning

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