Come Worship the Lord into 2019!

We want to wish everyone and their families a very special and blessed CHRISTmas from our family to yours! May the Light of Christ touch all those you may see ALL YEAR ROUND!! We also would like to invite you to join us New Years Eve to bring in the New Year Praising the Lord!!

What better way to bring in the New Year than Praising the name of Jesus! 2018 may have been a blessed year for some, and a troubling time for others. One thing that is for certain, we are still here and alive no matter what came up against us this year. Let this service heal any brokenness, encourage anyone downtrodden, and strengthen the faith of those who are strained. Come fellowship and leave EVERY care, worry, stress behind in 2018!!

FSLWC Back to School Drive



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Greetings FSLWC family. We have been blessed with bookbags, school supplies, breakfast/lunch packs and much more for over 50 children! We have witnessed the pure innocent and excitement for a new school year. Here are just a few of their precious faces we were able to serve. We have surpassed our goal this year and we want to whole heartedly want to say thank you! Please continue to support the drive and our ministry. Thank you for all your support. You are making a difference in this world one person at a time!


Pastor CJ Johns Sr

Extended FSLWC Lunch Program!

24156 Foggy Ridge Parkway

Lutz, FL 33559

The Lunches shall be distributed directly from the Worship Centre!

 Father & Son Love Ministries announces the commencement of bag lunch food program!! We understand that this time of year means an increase in expenses and bills and FSLWC would love to bless your family with some relief this summer!!

The distribution dates and duration of service shall be twice per week starting

We’ve extended our program beyond August 29, 2018!!

The hours of distribution are: 

Wednesdays from 12:00 P.M. to 3:00 P.M. 

Lunches shall consist of (1) of each:

1) Sandwich -PB&J or Turkey

2) Salad or Fruit

3) Cookies, Donuts or Pastry

4) Small Bottled Water

5) Napkin

*Families of (4) Four or more children shall be offered up to (2) two lunches per child per visit

*Families of (1) One or more children shall be offered up to (3) three lunches per child per visit

*Any questions can be directed to the church office 813-383-8410*