Month: February 2013

Wednesday Prayers

Hump Day Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, I come in earnest prayer this morning as my heart is burdened for someone whom I love, who is gracious, kind, giving, loving, but may be confused when it comes to certain spiritual matters. Like many people, this… Continue Reading “Wednesday Prayers”

Daily prayer

Dear Heavenly Father, Today we pray for Christians. Our brothers and sisters in Christ so often feel isolated when they are weakened, vulnerable or just plain down. Often they don’t want to ask for help because of fear of judgment by other Christians. We… Continue Reading “Daily prayer”


Dear Loving Father, we come together in prayer today for the broken hearted and lonely. Father use your children who have been so very blessed by your LOVE and the love of another, to up lift those who’s heart s have been marred by… Continue Reading “Prayer”