Daily prayer

Dear Heavenly Father, first giving honor and praise to your son, our Lord, Jesus The Christ. Father I come in prayer this morning for all Christian parents. It’s more difficult than ever being a Christian parent today. The enemy’s tactics are so crafty today. Children of Christian leaders face so many obstacles the adversary places in their paths in today’s corrupt society. I pray that you will give wisdom and guidance to the parents, and a special “unction from on high” to Christian parents to know how to protect, guide and save their children from the craftiness of Satan. In addition Father, give those same parents the peace that surpasses all understanding and wisdom to know when to let go and know they have instilled all the values of Christ and placed them in your hands. Please help them to live a life of positive influence in front of other Christians and transfer the values they have learnedto others instead of receiving the valuesfrom others so that they have what they need to build a LONG STANDING positive life and marriages. Father help them know what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior; and give them support along the way to recognize the enemies desire to destroy them and their future. Thank You, God, for Your ever-present help. In Jesus THE Christ’ name, I pray, amen.

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