Everyday Is Mother’s day

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Pastor C.J. Johns Sr. has now released his first topic book! With your love gift, you will receive a copy of this powerful teaching and gain insight as to what the Bible says about the Women of God, who they are, and why they should be honored not just on Mother’s Day but EVERYDAY! May this be a blessing to you as much as those who have already read it:

“We as woman in Christ need to know who we are in Christ. We are made as sex symbols; if you’re not this, then you’re not acceptable, if you’re not that, than you wouldn’t be considered ‘wifely material’. Although the message is titled Mother’s Day, if you don’t have biological children chances are there is someone you call a son or a daughter whether it be a friend’s kid or just a neighbor’s child that you are close to. So this message is for you woman too! Take a minute and really read what it say’s. Let it be a message that feeds your soul and strengthens you to the potential of being that confident, supportive, Godly woman that means more than the most precious stone on this planet!”

 – Ashley R. Member of FSLM

“Pastor C. J. Johns, Sr. preached this powerful and wisdom filled message. No one was left out – whether you are biological or non-biological mothers, role models, husbands or children. To have good mothers, all of us have spiritual and divine responsibilities to her, such as love, to protect, respect, praise, honor, listen and treat her better than jewels and gems. God commands us in His Word to carry out our responsibilities so that we can be blessed with loving homes, long lives and obtain favor from God. By nature women are givers, and that message was a reminder that it is all right to be receivers too. I left the service feeling like a queen and a precious jewel in gear to be the Christian mother God called me to be. It broadened and reversed the typical approach to Mother’s Day. Thanks Pastor.”

Carolyn Member FSLM

“This is a great read for men and women. Pastor C.J. Sr. has been anointed by God to teach the “love” walk of Christ. He has been teaching, coaching, and guiding me and my family with the Word of God into the peace that has surpassed all our understanding. My husband and I have never been more at peace, happy and spiritually fulfilled as we have been since Pastor began teaching and guiding us to God’s true Word…with love. God used His servant Pastor C.J. Johns to save our marriage. Thank you so much Pastor, we love you.”

– Anonymous Family

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