Wednesday Prayers

Hump Day Prayer:

Dear Heavenly Father, I come in earnest prayer this morning as my heart is burdened for someone whom I love, who is gracious, kind, giving, loving, but may be confused when it comes to certain spiritual matters. Like many people, this one believes in you. Father please help them endure the growing pains of excellence, faith, favour and ultimately…fulfilling their purpose you made them for. You are the creator and sent your precious son Jesus as the Savior of the world. Your Holy Spirit is the one who convicts us and guides us and seals us unto the day of redemption. There is so much confusion in hearts around the world, Lord, it seems as if some of your children are losing and the world is winning so much. Its hard sometimes Father, I pray for breakthroughs


For those seeking answers from you.


Father, you are not the author of confusion (according to your own Word, our Holy Bible). I pray, Please, let it be crystal clear to these confused souls that you are the answer to their hurts, problems, their searching and longing for something…the fulfillment of that empty place…the peace that passes all understanding. You are God. I fervently pray to you to show me what I can do or say to enlighten even one more soul. Use me, Father, your loving child and willing servant and Priest. Thank you for hearing my prayer and for working in all of our lives. In Jesus The Christ name I pray, amen.

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