Dear Lord God, Thank you for being with us through another day and night. Thank you for answered prayer, and thank you for continuing to love us in spite of myself. I have an expectation of FAVOUR as your child this day.

Today Father, I am keenly aware of people who need people.  We all need each other. No man is an island and can stand alone. Father you created us with a need for fellowship and companionship. I pray that every person participating in this devotional time with you, and that every person who is in desperate need of this provision today, will be blessed with at least one very special person or people and with a network of good, Christian brothers and sisters to meet that need of fellowship and companionship. I pray that each one of us will look at ourselves and ask, am I being a positive Christian friend to others? Father show us how to be caring, Christians with concern for my fellow man. God, you are the ultimate one with whom we have fellowship and it is you who can meet needs far beyond what any human being can meet. I pray that you will use us to be a light to those with whom we have contact with in our daily life. May you be pleased and blessed with the fellowship of those who love you. In Jesus The Christ name we pray. Amen.


Spirit of Prophecy courtesy of Asst. Pastor Ken Waters


The enemy is doing his utmost to cause you to focus on the things that discourage you, but you must refuse that temptation.  There are things that  you do not yet  understand; things that have not yet come to light that will make  it easier to  stay in the flow of My Spirit, says the Lord.  Be patient and stay alert.  I will guide you through this maze of confusion.


1 Corinthians 14:33

For God is not the author of confusion but of peace, as in all  the churches of the saints.

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